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Riven with challenges

Jackets that don’t do up. A fundamental flaw, or an appropriate nod to traditional Japanese garmentry? My inner aesthete demands the latter. The left-side of my brain wonders what would happen when the wind blows?

Irrespective of such burdens of logic, Kaptial have gone ahead and made this anyway.  No buttons, no clasps, no ties; it’s a free-hanging marvel, that will likely offer beauty and irritation in equal measure.

As with all Kapital gear it’s got that none-more-handmade feel; jacquard-woven, crude motifs and based on the historic Haori shape. The cord sleeves are a total win. In layman’s terms, it’s a bit like VISVIM, but substancially cheaper.

I have to say, while the monochromatic, how-to-pack-your-bag-for-a-business-trip-to-Kiev personality of Mr Porter frequently leaves me cold, their styling on this piece feels on point. The trousers are a little too dark in the mix, but the rest of it works. As a thing, it’s lovely. But could you deal with the constant struggle to fist the thing together mid gale? Perhaps it’d be best as a layer under something else? You’ll have to work it out. The journey to appear suitably hempy, pseudo-spiritual and sartorially ‘woke’ is riven with challenges.

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