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The gentrification of punk motifs

There comes a time when pretty much every design house resorts to the artful splash. An apparently random application of complementary colour, seemingly flicked onto the product. Shirts, jackets, jeans and yes, those tiresome Margiela sneakers; when inspiration is a no-show, reach for a couple of tins of Dulux and a taut brush.

Cynicism aside, I do quite like these pouches from Tembea. I know for a fact that the brand produces hardwearing, robustly crafted luggage and the spiffy rope and toggle detail here is typical. Style-wise, I guess I could roll with the splattery Farrow and Ball meets Stiff Little Fingers vibe. I would worry about actually carrying it though. Stick too much inside and that rope is really going to cut into your shoulder. Emotionally I can tolerate the gentrification of punk motifs, I just don’t want it to physically hurt.

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