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From high street also-ran to fearsome garmsman

Imagine a dude was looking to completely change his game. Totally upscale his look. Planning to take the leap from high street also-ran to fearsome garmsman. You’d expect a ruinous level of expenditure right? Going from just another pair of ASOS jeans supping IPA with the rest of the Brewdoggers, to an extinction-level hemline juggler in a white leather cowboy hat? That’s gonna rupture a bro’s Maestro card. Or is it?

Not, I suggest, if your primary investment is this. It’s a sort of vest thing. With laces up the side. Admittedly, it’s quite a leap from a Superdry sweatshirt, but bear with me. This piece is from itten, a Japanese purveyor of niche, robust and mad stylish clothing. That’s one tick in a box. Furthermore, it’s made from simple aged cotton, delivering a lightweight, soft and natural stretchability. This makes it designed for layering, just toss it over a simple tee, or maybe a long-sleeved top. It’ll pretty much work with any pre-existing garment and magnify your global hype level by 100X. That’s the second tick in a box. The third is the price.

By my calculations, it’s just under a ton. About 91 quid. Sure you’ve got to chuck on a bit of import duty. But seriously… A piece no one you know will have. A piece unavailable in the UK. A piece that can be worn trans-seasonally. What’s not to love? Above all, this a piece that quickly augments a simple long-sleeved Uniqlo tee. Just lace yourself in and you’ll immediately be granted membership to the international world of grown men sweating it out in awkward, slightly effeminate tops, hoping someone will recognise it’s made in Japan. Well done soldier. You’ve made it.

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