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Beyond beyond

Like literally, fuck ya’ll. I’m in this Haversack linen robe and I’m, like, beyond. I’m beyond you. I’m beyond beyond the most beyond you’ll ever be.

It’s sunny. I’m in the park. I’m wearing some shorts and a tee. Can’t remember where they’re from. It doesn’t matter. Clouds smother the last of the afternoon sun, and I toss on my robe. I’m wearing shorts, a tee and a fucking robe. I adjust my sunglasses, light up a smoke and squint into the distance. I’m not just the man. I’m every man. And more.

You want a piece of this lifestyle? Of course you do. Sadly you can’t have it. Unless you have 440 quids to drop over at Present. And even then. Even then, as the owner of this robe… Even then as the kind of guy who’s comfortable walking around in a fucking robe, you’re not as beyond as me.

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