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Indulging your penchant for self-aggrandisement

From an intent perspective, is there much difference between this and the ‘zany’ office party tie? I mean, sure, this star-struck bomber is by none-more-cool denim hooligans Kapital and your typical look-at-me neck accessory comes from the Disney store. But is the intent, that of standing out, that of using clothing to suggest a personal sense of fun, kind of the same? Is this jacket actually a bit David Brent?

If you can get past the bombastic showmanship, it’s actually a beautiful thing. French cloth linen, indigo dyed, obviously made in Japan. But it’s £375 quid. So be of no doubt, the wearer’s commitment to the piece would be represented both through their propensity towards self-aggrandisement and their complete fiscal irresponsibly.

But is that a bad thing? I mean, what harm are you really doing, lording about in a starry jacket? I dunno. If you want answers, it’ll cost you more. All I’d suggest is maybe don’t pair it with a pair of Daffy Duck socks. Might be one step too far.

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  1. Would have been just a little bit nicer if they’d bothered to match the patterns of the fabric on the front. Not that I’d sold on the stars, but it does like pretty messy as it is.

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