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Thinking about Nepenthes through an Are You Being Served lens

A surprisingly utilitarian angle this from Nepenthes’ Needles imprint. If we think about Nepenthes through an Are You Being Served lens: Nepenthes is Grace Brothers, Engineered Garments is Mr Lucus, broadly traditional with a cheeky demeanour, and Needles is Mr Humphries, ostentatious, mannered and scarily OTT. Needles has no problem lobbing out trousers five sizes too big, giant cowboys hats, shiny royal blue suiting and tracksuit pants worn with heeled opera slippers. For Needles, this coat is positively banal.

needles_hunting08 needles_hunting07 needles_hunting03 needles_hunting02

But it’s a good banal. Influenced by vintage US hunting jackets this piece is positively exuberant of pocket (seven in all) and extraordinary of hue. It’s made of sulphur dyed duck canvas and the result is a piece comfortably redolent of the past, while softly kicking in the teeth of the now. If that’s enough for you, grab it over at Alpha Shadows, but this coat has another secret…


It’s got a built-in nappy. There’s a giant flap on the back which comes undone and enables the wearer to conceal the fact that they’ve just inconvenienced themselves. Apparently this adjustable ass-harness is actually something to do with creating a makeshift seat if you’re out hunting. Thing is, I’ve had no experience of hunting. But I have had experience of pooing oneself. I mean, not me specifically. It was this bloke I know.


  1. Mr Brown

    I wish the coat was rubbish so I could amuse myself by replying ‘shit one’.

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