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“Another checked hat”, that clearly isn’t

I like this hat a great deal. “It’s just like all your others“, my girl says. I suppose she is not wrong. In so much as it’s blue and grey and it’s for wearing on the head she’s correct. In every other respect she’s way off the mark. Firstly it is not, “another checked hat” as she suggests. It is in my pompous opinion an abstract collision of contracting panels. Secondly it has one significant characteristic that my other hats don’t. It is currently not owned by me.

105190-02 105190-03

The proportions of this reversible hat just look right. I’ve got bucket hats with pointy tops, too wide brims, ones that are too tight, too floppy or too stiff; I’m constantly looking for perfection. But while it’s impossible to judge from photographs alone, this example appears to get it right throughout.


It’s by Japanese hatters Decho; grab one over at Canada’s Blue Button Shop. With a hat, more than most pieces of clothing, it’s something of a gamble whether it will suit you and Canada’s a fair way for it to come. However I can speak from experience of BBS’s return policy, they were kind, helpful and prompt, so you can order in confidence. Buy it. Don’t listen to my girl. I mean, why would you?

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  1. Mr Brown

    “Made in Japan” + “One Size”
    Not good for your average gargantuan Anglo-Saxon bonce.

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