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A humiliating approximation of everything you want to be, but aren’t

This has only been on The Bureau for a few days and already they’ve only got one large left. I’m not quick enough to keep up with all the late season bangers. I guess, if you’re small, or don’t like the oversized vibe, you’re out of luck today. For the thick-bodied and thick-walleted, check this out. It’s a shirt. It’s Kapital. It’s a humiliating approximation of everything you want to be, but aren’t.

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Feel a bit like all my shirts should look like this. That they don’t is making me feel a little disconcerted. It’s thick cotton with a savage bluey-purpley weave, you’ve got a totally irregular button-stand on there, asymmetrical chest pocket detail, vent hole detail and a stitched-in badge poking out front and centre. This isn’t a shirt, it’s a philosophy for living.

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If you’re looking to snag the last turkey in this particular shop, you’re gonna want to be cueing up 375 notes. It’s a big drop no doubt. But if you’re holding out for this to hang around till sale time, I can’t see it myself. It’s time to get involved or let it go. If you’re on the fence, it’s probably not for you dude. Face it, you’re not meant for shirts this good.

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