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If you are looking for literal…

In this post-fact world, where politicians can blatantly lie to the electorate and remain in employment (not sure that works in most jobs?) and media outlets can fashion reality into whatever shape suits their motives, these T-shirts may offer a refreshing respite.

If you are looking for literal… If you’re after something that is, irrefutably, what it is, look no further. It says green and it is green. It says orange and it is orange. I don’t think I need to go through all the colours. You get the point…

Strato_TEE_20160718IMG_2716 Strato_TEE_20160718IMG_2788

They’re basically cotton T-shirts and you can grab them over at Strato. I guess the only real point of note is that the lettering is embroidered, not printed. So they should stay pretty sharp looking for some time. Whether you can be bothered to try and negotiate the labyrinthian process involved in proxy-servicing one of these over from Japan is your look out. I imagine that variable is dependent on your desire to walk around enthusiastically advocating a specific colour.

Strato_TEE_20160718IMG_2739 Strato_TEE_20160718IMG_2864

Checking out the knuckle-nuts over at the GOP convention, I can imagine they’d be quite overawed by the smartness of these. “It like, says yellow and it’s like totally yellow!”  Works on two levels eh? Bit like saying God’s anus is holy.

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