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Hot enough for you?

Hot enough for you?” Yes, fuck off. “You wait all year for this and then everyone moans.” Brilliant, fuck off. “I can feel the sweat running down my back.” You’re an imbecile, fuck off. Yes it’s hot, well done. Now have a woolly coat.


Coming from an early AW16 YMC drop, this is a mildly interesting coat. It’s wooly, rayony, nylony and polyestery and  offers a loose chore style shape. Contrast pocket and collar details add interest. And that’s it. Other than the madness of that granny rug fringe on the hem. That’s a world of hurt. But, I fancy, I nice hurt. It’ll probably turn off the JD Sports crew, who might otherwise dabble with a bit of YMC. But for the more gaping of mind, a bit of Navaho inspired dangle is probably a pretty desirable feature. Of no practical use natch. But as a bro saunters up to the bar to grab another pair of IPAs, his swishing World of Carpets detail is sure to catch the eye of the old single lass. Whether she’s attracted to dudes wearing upholstery is another matter.


So there you go. A consideration for your autumnal ‘drobe. Course, I wouldn’t wear it now. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a bit fucking hot.

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