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Normalising the temperature of your bonce

Wide brims are establishing a presence on the streets of east London right now. I mean, they’ve been around for time right, but the igneous temperatures over the last couple of days have really brought them into play. If you’re fine of hair, a summer hat is essential – a torrid afternoon in the park, sans headwear can lead to a scorched forehead, and that queasy sun-sickness thing which makes you feel like simultaneously eating a bag of chips and shitting a bag of chips.


From a practical perspective, you could do worse than grab this boonie hat from WTAPS. The wide, stiff brim will certainly keep the heat off. And the ventilation eyelets should go some way to normalising the temperature of your bonce.


The fabric loops around the crown are called a ‘foliage ring’ and are used by the military to hold sticks and leaves and the like to offer further camouflage. Although I presume a real life Action Man isn’t sporting this WTAPS £111 model. It’s more likely to be found in Dalston, shading a creative beardy in pool slides, outside a vegan tobacconist.

WTAPS-Boonie-Hat-02-Hat-Cotton-Coffee-Stain-3_2048x2048 WTAPS-Boonie-Hat-02-Hat-Cotton-Coffee-Stain-4_2048x2048

I have to say, examining ‘real army’ boonie hats and then looking at this, outside the better quality fabric and finish, I’m not sure what WTAPS have brought to the design party here? It’s basically just a luxe reproduction of a thing you can buy for a tenner at an Army and Navy. To summarise: like the brim, not convinced by the price.


  1. Mr Brown

    That little rubber thing on the strap is nice. Not convinced it’s a oner nice.
    That gaff you bang on about in Peckham had some nice unFulhamy straw hats earlier in the summer. Not that anyone asked.

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