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No graphic twattery here

The T-shirt landscape is a chaotic jumble of boastful logoing, awkward graphics and impoverished cut-and-sew. Vibrant box fresh ‘statements’ become more ambiguous with every wash. Once proud purchases, lie un-ironed, balled and weary, just shy of the washing basket. Another 80 odd quid in the red, for a T-shirt that delivered difference for too fleeting a moment. You should probably buy one of these.

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These Needles Ts have just popped up on Digital Mountain and they pretty much represent the ideal realisation of the medium. They boast just enough detail to be interesting, while steering well clear of an in-your-face novelty buy. The overlapped flap running across the chest and sleeves is neat enough. But the dart detail in the collar front really pushes over the finish line – just a cool, subtle subversion of the expected, without the twattery of leaden graphics and look-at-the-size-of-my-wallet branding.

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That said, they’re not cheap. You’re looking at around £95, plus import duty to nab one of these. Real stealth-wealth territory then. So stealth in fact, that I can’t imagine bumping into anyone who would recognise it’s lineage. But then, isn’t that rather the point?

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