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Come on cockface, tell us to tighten our belts

It would appear we are well and truly entering the era of ‘Fool Britannia’. And as the British people have voted to become both a global laughing stock, a haven for racist ideology and provoke a fresh recession, I dare say it won’t be long before Johnson starts trotting out that weary old motto about ‘tightening our belts‘.  So (imperceptibly switching from the metaphorical to the literal) here are some belts.

It’s the image at the top of this post that sold me on these Itten belts. It’s probably the styling more than anything, but the juxtaposition between the pleated formality of the trousers and the casual rock-climbery belt looks pretty fresh to me. Of course, sticking this belt on any old pair of slacks wouldn’t necessarily have the same effect. Casual, cargo style trousers plus this belt would be coming on too Ross Kemp. The clash between the formal and the casual is key.

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I am all about that “Cobra buckle” (used by mountain climbers and NASA apparently) it’s supposed to be the most robust buckle in the world and can reportedly withstand weight up to a ton. So if you’re thinking about drinking 30 pints to escape the embarrassment this country has become, at the very least your trousers won’t pop off. Scant consolation admittedly.

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