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It’s almost like I need to steal an idea from someone

You know when a junior member of a team quietly suggests an idea in a business meeting? And you know when a manager in that meeting loudly agrees with the idea, before talking over the junior, repeating stuff that’s already been said in an effort to make it look as though it was their idea all along? Yeah, me too. I wonder if such managers actually believe they’re fooling anyone? I wonder if they actually think their deafening honking is hiding the fact that they’re simply an idea rapist?


Of course, none of this has anything to do with today’s garment – a rather tasty Death To Tennis, cotton/linen overcoat. It’s just that when you want to write your 1000th post about a navy coat, inspiration can be a little threadbare.


I can say it’s lightweight (because they say so over at the retailer, I can say it’s got, “exterior pouch featuring a pen slot and bellow welt pocket“, (because I’ve just cut and pasted it from the retailer and I guess I can point out it’s pretty cool (a penetrating insight from my own mind), but after that I’m out. It’s almost like I need to steal an idea from someone.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Death in tennis sums it up already.
    Bring the revolution.
    The Queens goes first.
    The podgy fella with blonde hair.
    Big Ben getting TNT’d
    And Admiralty Arch.
    Mayfair’s fucked.
    Every gallery and museum with a royal connection – yeah, but you know, we’ve got revolting to do.
    But if you don’t want upset people too much we could just settle on someone dying in tennis.
    Preferably off court.
    In an early round.
    Minor championship.
    Ideally non-seeded.
    It is a revolution though – yeah someone from Royal Tunbridge Wells – that could work.
    Local press story really.
    Bit like changing a pocket on a navy jacket.
    And calling a more classic length oversized.
    Bit earnest, low alcohol, are you OK with gluten, six form revolution.
    Fitted in before Inter-Railing.
    It was all on the gentrynyc page – just needed to click on the More Detail tab.

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