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Exactly the result I’m after

Japanese heavyweights Itten finally have an outlet in the UK – over at Alpha Shadows. If you understand that that’s a big deal you’re some kind of enviable swagprince. And if Itten means nothing to you? Shit dog, either read on quickly and pretend you’ve known about Itten for time, or head over to End and carry on pretending like menswear begins and ends with fucking Neighborhood colabs.

itten_vj6 itten_vj4 itten_vj5

This loose fitting jacket from the first drop is off the charts. According to the blurb, it’s created from “Itten’s unique indigo-dyed “Kasuri” fabric”. Now, this technique (if you don’t already know, and can’t be anused to wiki it) involves dying fibres in a specific way to create patterns. It uses an ikat process, which makes some fibres resistant to dye, creating the kind of blurry finish you can see here. Personally, having just seen this jacket, I don’t think I really understand what the word jacket means anymore. Feel me?

itten_vj2 itten_vj1

One way or another, I’m probably going to have to own this. I’m not massively bothered by the button front detail and the pair of buttoned flap hand pockets. It’s all about the fit and fabric. This is the kind of piece you could just wear with battered up jeans and simple kicks and sear the place up. By which I mean, confident, working-class guys would just say, “nice fucking coat dude“, while the painfully anxious and apprehensive middle-classes would just stare and mutter under their breath. Exactly the result I’m after.

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