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Just lay off the pints and Lambert and Butler

Sales is a go brohiems. Over at Haven, they’ve got madness going on. Madness in this instance referring to absurdly priced goods, offered at mildly less absurd prices. In amongst the Engineered Garments, Junya, Human Made, Kapital and Needles (at around 30% off) there’s a few pieces by Sacai. Check this oxford cotton drawcord shirt. Now, I’ve got a Sacai shirt, basically the same one, but in light blue, so I can categorically say whether or not it’s worth its (now) 209 quid. How do you like that for editorial value?


The answer is, yes it is. Now, this position is based on the assumption that you can adequately afford to drop on such a piece. I’m presuming that were you to buy it, you’re not going to come up short for the rent, have your heating cut off and you can still afford Poptarts for the kids. If this is not the case, I’d still recommend getting it – maybe just lay off the pints and Lambert and Butler for a couple of weeks.


Sacai kicked off in 1999, it’s headed by Chitose Abe who spent the preceding eight years working for Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe, so heritage-wise, the brand’s on point. What Haven can’t adequately get across though, is that these shirts feel beautifully heavy, the cut is superb, just loose enough and, well, it just feels like a prestige piece of kit. It’s got that kind of glossy, designery feel in the hand that screams, “fuck me, how much was that?”


I noticed that Dover Street Market (over in Haymarket now if you didn’t know) has a comprehensive Sacai concession. It’s well worth a look, but if you’re looking to save a bundle and take advantage of the friendly Canadian exchange rate, hit up Haven now.

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