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An unsettling song about maypoles

I bought something along these lines the other week and wore it to a modern rave. While not quite the same, the basic pop-over principle, wide body and thick, Nehru collar are similar. Mine is from Salvy;, while this is the product of Haversack – not a brand I regularly fuck with. Not sure why? They used to sell it over at Present, don’t know who’s in the UK Haversack game now? Either way, this is a peasanty piece of loose weirdness, it will make you look like you should be carrying a basket of apples and singing an unsettling song about maypoles.


The dungaree cloth is a comfortable, light choice for warmer climes, and those top-stitched, enormo-pockets certainly provide some banging detail. The on-the-wonk collar is where it’s at though.


Remember though, you’d have to keep that top button unbuttoned. Do that thing up and you’re sending all sorts of strange signals. I remember once being approached by this hardline Christian dude punting his wares on a train platform. I told him I wasn’t interested. He persisted. I told him, seriously, I wasn’t buying what he was selling. He looked at me with an ominous grin and walked away backwards, just grinning. Just staring and grinning. It’s was a bit sinister. Now, just to be clear, he wasn’t wearing a shirt like this, with the top button done up or otherwise. But he could have been. Take that as a warning.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Strong as they come that bad boy.
    In other news, the lad is clearly struggling with some heavy duty visuals whilst trying to do his cardigan up there.

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