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Hey kids, I like Snapchat

Good afternoon everyone, so I thought today we’d start with a recap of the Anselmo invoice, run through the latest market data from Simon in the Belarus office and finish off with a blue sky around our ad affiliate scheme. Jonathan, have you sorted the coffees…?

BED-JW-FORD-Flight-All-In-One-Navy-2_2048x2048 BED-JW-FORD-Flight-All-In-One-Navy-8_2048x2048 BED-JW-FORD-Flight-All-In-One-Navy-12_2048x2048

I love the idea of a CEO leading a meeting in an all-in-one flight suit. You know, without mentioning it. Just rolling up ready to fly. I mean, we’re not far off right? Casualisation in the workplace dominates. And yeah, I know that basically equates to piss awful jeans, a too-slim shirt and a pair of cheap, prongy shoes that turn up at the end like fucked bread. But theoretically, it could mean this. A berserko fashiony Top Gun outfit. Why not? It’s arguably smarter than the salesman’s shoes, jeans and shirt combo? In my head it is anyway. The rest of the planet just needs to be educated on this.

BED-JW-FORD-Flight-All-In-One-Navy-1_2048x2048  BED-JW-FORD-Flight-All-In-One-Navy-11_2048x2048

The good news is, this Bed J.W. Ford piece is a mere 601 pounds. Which strikes me as a paltry amount to become a leader in the New Work Casual. Onboard you’ve got a breathable cotton/linen blend fabric and an array of zip pockets on the chest and the legs to store your pens, Filofax, phone and sticky notes – so you’ll be locked and loaded, ready to call an impromptu strategy meeting 24/7. For a CEO, who maybe feels a little out of touch with the digital landscape and wants to portray an image that says, “hey kids, I’m young too, I like Snapchat“, this is a no brainer.


  1. james

    they were doing lee 101 one piece jump suits in tk maxx the other day. Someone in the tk maxx buying team thought that some toplad would walk in, off the british high st, looking for crosshatch jeans and a white belt, then see the one piece, and think yep

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