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Uncomfortable juxtapositions

Like a boxing match between two swatch books, this Kapital T-shirt is a flurry of pattern and uncomfortable juxtapositions. And it’s all zoomed in look. The patterns are giant and squashed. Like a gang of Crips faced-down a steamroller. Needless to say, I love it. It’s Japanese Kaptial madness, of course I love it. Equally of course, I’d look a toolpiece in it. Check that ballooning shape. Even this professional modelist looks like an atomic accident in a bandana factory.

KAPTIAL-KOUNTRY-Tenjiku-Bandana-Remake-Big-Tee-Navy-1_2048x2048 KAPTIAL-KOUNTRY-Tenjiku-Bandana-Remake-Big-Tee-Navy-5_2048x2048 KAPTIAL-KOUNTRY-Tenjiku-Bandana-Remake-Big-Tee-Navy-6_2048x2048

186 quid for this? Is that the game you’re in? It probably should be. No question, it’d take a bro of savage self-confidence to carry it off, but I guess the ultimate reward is a keen sense of oversized and shapeless originality that money simply can’t buy. Unless you could the 186 quid you need to buy it. Which I don’t.

KAPTIAL-KOUNTRY-Tenjiku-Bandana-Remake-Big-Tee-Navy-7_2048x2048 KAPTIAL-KOUNTRY-Tenjiku-Bandana-Remake-Big-Tee-Navy-4_2048x2048

In case you were in any doubt, it is made of bandanas, in what is called a, “Big Tee, oversized cut”. So in case anyone asks, yeah, it is supposed to look like that.




KOUNTRY Tenjiki Bandana Remake Big Tee


  1. The only word that comes to mind is: No. Kapital do some ace stuff, but the stuff that isn’t ace is often right at the other end of the scale. Like this one. No.

  2. Mr Brown

    Reckon if a kid had the dough to pay for it he’d look pretty ace.
    Bashed up Converse, smiley not snidey etc…

  3. james

    someone could make this look pretty special i reckon. I mean, not me, absolutely fucking no chance am i pulling that off or even putting it on. But someone.

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