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“You try to brag you get your rhymes from a grab-bag”

My last post featured a gentleman in an bright emerald bucket hat. “Looks like an Ebola ridden bellend“, was one reader’s comment. So, for no real reason other than to be mildly irritating, here’s another classic bucket. We’re clearly not in floppy, Engineered Garments territory here – this is structured, old school, very much Kangol style. An LL Cool J tribute act could do no better.


You’ll find this giant gingham, or “flag check” monster over at Goodhood. It’s from Sasquatchfabrix, and although it features the SF crossed needle branding, I think it’s a little disappointing to see they’ve lost the dangling thread detail from previous seasons. Still, if you’ve got 120 coins to drop on a hat, it’s still a banger. Particularly if you’re the kind of bro who thinks people should forget about Oreos and eat Cool J cookies.

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