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The more affordable end of the spectrum

Not another anorak? Yes another anorak. But, but… before you prematurely rod off, this one’s all about the price. Firstly it’s North Face Purple Label, the Japan-only line produced in conjunction with the design team from Nanamica. And secondly, it’s only 230 quid. Now trust me brotherman, I know 230 quid is still a wedge, I’m not being all frivolity about this. But for North Face Purple Label it certainly struck me as sitting towards the more affordable end of the spectrum.

purps.002It’s available in beige and navy, it boasts a polyester and cotton mix and an entirely sensible array of four pockets. Press studding, two-way zippage, drawcord hood – what else do you need?


Plus of course, it’s North Face Purple Label. It’s got a sizeable purple label on the inside, ideal for ‘innocently’ draping over the back of a pub chair. “What this? It’s purple yeah. Japan only mate…” You massive twat.


  1. Mr Brown

    “Breton top”
    That isn’t a legitimate use of ‘top.’
    Breton shirt.
    Men still don’t wear tops stands.

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