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Henry VIII’s professional fool

I tried a sort of peasant style smock on in Present a few months back. I knew before I’d even got it over my head it was a non-starter. Too much collar. Too much gap at the top. I felt like Henry VIII’s professional fool. I’m also drawn to mandarin collared jackets. Although I know I’d look like a dispirited waiter. Now I’m looking at this. A  lace-up denim thing. This site’s now veering towards fucking fancy dress.

God alone knows what I’m thinking here. I’m basically wanting to look like Jack Sparrow. I mean, do I even need to describe this…? It’s denim, it’s boxy, it’s got a lightly frayed bottom hem and yes, a whacking great lace-up neckline like the kind of thing Medieval witch hunters used to wear.


I think I should leave this madness be. If you feel otherwise, it’s by Bukht and you can grab it over at Ray Coal. Don’t get me wrong, this bro looks straight fire. It’s just that I’d look like I should be set on fire.

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  1. Mr Brown

    I’ve got an old Silas shirt with a collar kind of like that.
    I love it.
    It will last forever;
    Maybe one day it will get a forth wear.

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