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What are you, a McMuffin eating bumpkin?

With the SS16 Lamaire x Uniqlo collaboration about to hit stores this Friday, what better time to completely ignore that, and go buy some 100% actual Lamaire. I mean, what are you? A McMuffin eating bumpkin? Too busy stuffing your bags with sweatshoped tat over at Zara and Toppers to care about quality? A head-full of  Rihanna and a mouthful of Tango? Is that you? Course not. You’ll probably like this then.


This shirt style blouson is one of Lamaire’s signature pieces and it offers a powerful Spandau Ballet, Blitz club, 80s-ness. Being pedantic, there are no shoulder pads at play, neither is there the kind of dramatic taper to the waist, seen frequently in 80s examples. But the cropped length is true to form and worn with a wider trouser, you’ll be rocking a silhouette last seen in the work of Ray Petri.


It’s indigo dyed in Japan, there’s some lined elbow detail, contrast top stitching and another of Lamaire’s signatures, the lower pocket position. It’s a strong power-play for the Spring no doubt. Sure, there might be the odd pretender knocking about in a Uniqlo version. But that’s not you. Come on baby, you know that’s not you.

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