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Not for a bro with a job in recruitment

This is a lot of piece. A statement garm that when worn between the hours of 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, suggests the wearer is a man of ideas. No cutting and pasting figures around an Excel for this dude. No working out mortgages for first time buyers. This is definitely not a bro with a job in recruitment. This is a man people pay to think about stuff. And when he’s done thinking, he’ll listen to a disco podcast from Tel Aviv and eat something with fennel in it. Only then, will he tell people what he’s thunk.


This is the Freedom Flared Mexican Denim Shirt by Japaneseists Neon Sign. And they’re not lying, there’s a definite flare to this thing. It’s obviously brought about by the construction, and there’s some incomprehensible (even with the mighty Google Translate) blurb on retailer Ray Coal, about that unusual upper back contributing to the
The combination of the washed denim, the Mexican neckline and the capacious pocketing really give this piece a louche, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-nuttin vibe. I could seriously do with this in my lifestyle. It’s a good 200 quid though. It’s a shame the pricing isn’t as relaxed as its other sensibilities.

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