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Bodymax Power Rack on my ass

Yeah, this is Nike. I don’t usually do Nike. I’m in no way a sneakerman, nor do I heat up my glutes down at the ‘nasium. I don’t even know what glutes are. That said, this NikeLab Tech Crew is going all sorts of Bodymax Power Rack on my ass.


Stick a front pouch with bonded zip pockets on a sweater and I don’t care whether it’s by Lidl Homme, I’ve got interest. Knock it out for under a ton and I’m reaching for my CSC.

09-12-2015_nike_labtechcrew_obsidianheather_black_amc_m3 09-12-2015_nike_labtechcrew_obsidianheather_black_amc_3 09-12-2015_nike_labtechcrew_obsidianheather_black_amc_2

The cotton weave, while doubtless at the pinnacle of techno-fabrication, looks a bit Reiss, but the addition of that pouch puts it on a different planet. I can see this worn beneath an overcoat – dude be sticking his hands in that pouch and letting the overcoat just flap in the wind, standing on a quayside, pulling on his last Regal, letting the drizzle wash away the pain.


Anyway, that’s about that. Sporty thing, best used for non sports activities. According to the blurb it boasts, “athletic aesthetics“, which is something of a tongue-twister. And ironically, just saying that out loud, is about as close to physical exercise as I intend to achieve wearing this.

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