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Positively disgracing

Yes I’ve banged on about wide trousers before. No I’m not going to stop anytime soon. These are so on point for winter it’s positively disgracing. Inhale the width. I’ve never heard of the brand Auralee before, but, by all that is appropriate and reasonable, they cut a hella deep trouser.

auralee trs.003

Cut in Finx Non-Brushed Moleskin (nope don’t know what Finx means) they’re pretty simple, albeit with the glamour touch of a pair of waist cinches.

auralee trs.001

As is often the case with Japanese brands I know nothing about, I like to hand over to the voice of the brand itself (courtesy of Google Translate) to illuminate further.  “(Auralee) is a brand that has proposed the clothes feel fine lightness“, apparently. Furthermore, “The wash is finished in soft trout texture pants enough to wash it.” So there you go. Expect to drop 187 quid on these, plus whatever HM Customs toss on top just for a laugh.


  1. I hadn’t realised until I read it how much I desire a pair of trout texture pants. Whenever you feel menswear is getting a bit predictable and boring, running some Japanese descriptions through the translator is sure to put a fresh spin on it! 🙂

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