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Vaping your apples and pears

It’s a brave man that persists with an all-cotton trouser in the current climate. Rain heaving down dampening your nethers, wind vaping your apples and pears. It’s no way to live. I’m a massive fan of creasy, crumpled, lived-in vibe cotton pants. But when mother nature’s getting over-chill, you’ve got to get some wool in the mix.

As I’ve said before, OTHER/Shop’s own brand trouserage are better than most. The key details here are, “loose fit with taper to hem” and “triple pleat detail” – exactly the kind of weaponry I need on board these days. Plus of course, they’re wool.



There’s not much else I can say about these. They serve the purpose of ‘being trousers’. They’re packing contemporary details. And they’ve got a handsome dogtooth pattern going on. But maybe most important, they’re made of a fabric that if caught in a shower won’t look like your catheter’s come loose.

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