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What is a sweater anyway?

Sweaters are like, so over. If you even use the word ‘sweaters’ these days some Generation Z prepostra-bell will shut you down with a some gun-finger brapping and an indecipherable Snapchap made of hieroglyphics. Look at these fuckers. They know the score. Look at them in their chunky overshirts. I wanna be like them. I don’t care how cold it gets. I’m never wearing a sweater again. I’ve decided that I don’t even know what one is.

kaptain sun.001

There are plenty of strong overshirts UK-side, but if like me, you don’t feel fulfilled unless your garms are extremely difficult to get hold of and are made by a brand no one’s heard of, then this Kaptain Sunshine Mackinhaw shirt will fit the bill.

kaptain sun.002

You can grab it in navy or pale grey – the latter being to my mind a power move for winter  – and it comes suitably rendered in wool flannel with some unnecessary (but totally necessary) pocket stitch detail. You can grab one at Strato for 35,640 Japaneses, which is about 190 quids. Or (as I’ve irritatingly just noticed) you can grab it at Newcastle’s End for £279. So I guess, it’s not that hard to get after all. Forget it. Forget I said anything. Fuck it, I’m going to try and bring sweaters back.


  1. Andrew

    Google translate works its magic on that Strato page: “…tough and manly uniforms of Semen (man of the sea)…”

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