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Recently a picture of me on Facebook provoked the following comment from a friend: “My nan wants her hat back.

In the picture I was wearing an Engineered Garments embroidered corduroy bucket hat. It’s got a peculiar voluminous cut. And I suppose the bigness, teamed with the ornate fabric could (to certain eyes) suggest the kind of bonnet an old dear might wear down Netto.

Thing is, I don’t care. I don’t care so much, it got me to thinking about how some rich vintage fabrics you spot on older lady’s coats and bags and shoes, look fascinating, kind of anachronistic, but strangely still relevant. You could imagine a superb mens coat rendered in such cloth. Rather like the Raf Simons’ number pictured here.


I love the wide sleeves and the chunky woody buttons. It’s like the kind of thing you’d hope to find in Save The Children, but never do. Which isn’t entirely surprising as it’s a couple of K in dollars.

RAF_SIMONS_Contrast_Stitch_Big_Coat RAF_SIMONS_Contrast_Stitch_Big_Coat_2

I’d forget buying this – unless you’re mad-looted. But inspiration-wise, it’s totally on point. I would wear this with my EG granny hat. I’d go full-OAP. Damn the haters. I wonder if Nepenthes do shopping trollies?

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