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Two different worlds

I’m always intrigued by clothes that straddle a fine line. I can see this piece in two different worlds. Firstly, on the back of some impossibly preening fash-stude, wearing leggings and a tricorn hat. Secondly, sizzling and unwanted in the remains of an abandoned Romani bonfire. This either lives in the world of berserk privilege or, in a bin bag round the back of an Oxfam. I can’t decide which. Perhaps the cost will give me an idea?

Yep, it’s 360 quid. It’s by a brand called Written By. You can grab it over at Dover Street Market. Or if you’re not taken with the whole Commodore 64 globe thing, what about this?


Still with the the outer space theme, but perhaps a bit more dynamic. Look at the exciting space shuttle go. It’s good isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 09.04.55

Or you could go with the above. A couple of squiggly options.

So just to recap. That’s four choices for the bro who absolutely insists on spending no less than 360 quid on a cotton sweater with juvenile patterns. I hope this blog has helped you today.

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