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A product picture on a black background

Hold the fuck tight, there’s an interesting story behind this picture of a cardigan. Take a second look. See anything interesting? Yes, you’re right. It’s on a black background. I never post product pictures on black backgrounds. I mean why would I? It just looks all blocky and lumpen and rubbish. The problem is, the only guys selling this Chimala cardigan are Union Made in San Francisco. And on their website, all their product images are shot against black. I have never contacted them to ask why. And even when I visited the shop a few months back I didn’t mention it. And, just to conclude this tale, yes, I’m too lazy to Photoshop the cardie off the background. I know, I know… Stories eh? Brilliant.


The noteworthy things here are the wool and nylon bouclé fabric, the snap button closures and the crew neck. I’m also down with the boxy cut. I can see a bro getting a lot of wear out of something like this. And while practical considerations are perhaps the least sexy of all considerations, this would layer well, and work strong over a shirt or even another light knit. All in all, a useful piece.


Whether the above is sufficient to warrant an awkward and costly import process from San Francisco, or indeed the use of an image with a black background, is a question I’m frankly too disinterested to discuss.

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