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Fabric based conflict

This is the kind of jacket people will comment on. No question. Cut-wise, it’s pretty standard. Cloth-wise it’s mondo-fascination. I’m pretty sure this thing comes with a printed document guaranteeing people will say, “that’s a nice jacket”. You want that right? You want to be noticed? You crave positive comments about your garb yeah? Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter. You’re as shallow as me. I mean, come on, I’m writing this shit, but you’re wasting your life reading it.


It’s from Blue Blue Japan, a pretty fire label to drop when people ask you where it’s from. You can’t go wrong. They probably won’t have heard of it, so they’ll feel doubly inferior – both to your dope threads and the fact that they haven’t heard of the label. Squasha!


I think you’d have to team this thing with some simple, dressed down jeans, shoes and shirting. You don’t want anything too rad and patterned competing with the over-dyed boucle fabric. Avoid an on-body, fabric based conflict at all costs. You want people to appreciate your taste levels, not assume you can score them horse tranquillisers.

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