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Loose women and malleable morals

Where have all the double-dude TV cop teams gone? Crocket and Tubbs, Starsky and Hutch, Bodie and Doyle – you just don’t get them anymore. It’s all Veras and mentally unravelling David Tennents and that actress out of Last Tango In Halifax, but in Happy Valley. I like the double-dude thing. It’s a reflection on real life. There’s always a couple of bros. Hanging out. Knocking about. Drinking boozes. Having a laugh. And while it’s unspoken, each is trying their hardest to be ‘the cool one’.

Thing is, not every one can be the Starsky, the Crocket or the Bodie. That’s where a pair of trousers like this come in. Bag these before your best broseph and secure your position as the premium dopesman of the duo. Remember, you are a dude all about hard drinks, loose women and malleable morals. You are not about crying into your milk singing Silver Lady.


These denim trousers are by Proper Gang, they’re baggy and slightly cropped – very much, in my view, an appropriate silhouette. According to designer Max Vanderwoude Gross, “our work is informed by the hustlers, intellectuals, weirdos, and defiant at large, seeking realness without pretence.” Stirring words. Although I notice he doesn’t mention ‘carpenters’ in his inspirational mix. For a pair of trousers so obviously workwear influenced, even featuring a little loop for dangling your hammer from, it seems an obvious oversight.

PROPER_GANG_Dungarees_Denim_Pant-2 PROPER_GANG_Dungarees_Denim_Pant-3

That said, I do appreciate Vanderwoude Gross’ wisdom on the subject of ‘realness’. He is absolutely spot on to pursue the idea that his products should be real rather than pretend. At $295 dollars, I’m not sure he would sell quite as many pairs if they didn’t exist.

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