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It’s like Charles Xavier, Mr Fantastic and Dr Banner up in here

I’m not massively about the cardigan game right now. That said, this high-buttoning, Baseball Cardy from YMC is a straight banger. I always worry that by wearing a cardigan under a chore or a loose blazer, it will look too much like a waistcoat, a bit too academic, a little too cerebral. Now this might not be an issue for an average guy, indeed appearing more boffiny might be pretty desirable. Unfortunately though, I suffer from an intelligence level that NASA struggle to quantify. It’s like Charles Xavier, Mr Fantastic and Dr Banner up in here. So if I dressed all professory too, I reckon it’d just intimidate everyone. And yeah, I know all my examples are comic book guys, but that’s just because I don’t wanna intimidate you. I read all sorts of shit. All sorts of books. Like atlases.

P8EAE_NAVY_3-950x1216 P8EAE_NAVY_2-950x1216

This thing’s navy, rendered in fine merino wool and has a straight cut. The neckline calls to mind the standard Comme des Garcons cardigan shape, but I’m all about the interesting button placket detail on this number. At 150 coins, it’s a stretch. But, like I say, it’ll make people think you’re really really smart. Think about it, can you really put a price on learning and shit?

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