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You won’t look like you fell under a combine harvester

I think, as a starter, ‘my first Japanese looking shirt’ kind of thing, this Koromo piece works quite well. It’s not all shaggy with Boro rips, tucks and make-dos, so you won’t look like you fell under a combine harvester. It’s neat and simple, while chopping in some hand-dyed indigo fabrics and a tab collar. If you’re a guy straining to escape the miasmic dogma of high street cheap, this is your gateway shirt.


As I say, it’s not bonk-bonk enough to illicit guffaws from the stylistically backward. But on the other hand, I think it’s interesting enough to put some distance between yourself and the airport lounge crowd of me-too Zengas, Pradas and Guccis.


Handle with care though. I’d buy it large and certainly dress it down  – keep it tethered to some loose chinos, chunky shoes or sneaks and some unstructured, creased-up blazering. The last thing you wanna do is treat it like an ‘event shirt’. Start tucking this thing into a pair of shiny Reiss slacks and we’ll never speak again.

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