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On the precipice

I’d probably wear a plain white, long sleeved T-shirt under this. Maybe with some simple, rolled up, straight-cut jeans. So I’d like, be toying with double-denim (just toying, the shirt’s chambray.) But I’d be on the precipice. Teetering on the curb edge of double-denim. And the crowd would be checking me, wondering where I’m gonna take this.  And then… And then… I’d reach into a placcy bag and quickly pull out a denim jacket and a denim bucket hat. I’d toss ’em on, and totally bypass treble-denim and jump straight to quadra-denim. And peeps be like, “whaaaaaaaat!” And I be like, “whaaaaaaaat!” And peeps be like, “whaaaaaaaat!” And I be like, “I know, I fucking know…

I might do that. I might not. I might just wear this shirt with chinos or some shit. Either way, it’s a banger.  It’s Sassafras (the Japanese gardening freaks) and it kind of goes without saying, it’s rocking mad pockets.


It’s also robustly triple stitched for the bros that care. Of course there’s a downside and in this case it’s an equally robust 173 quid swing ticket. 173 sheets for a short sleeved shirt? What fucking landscape is this? I’m just like, “whaaaaaaaat!


  1. James

    Mates telling my wearing double denim when I’ve got jeans and a chambray shirt on makes me want to cry big manly tears of frustration.
    Like the shirt though, reminds me of an old heritage research one from back when they still existed.
    Good shout on the long sleeve white t, you had me nervous with the short sleeve shirt at first, before white cotton covering my elbows made it all ok. Not sure with my issue with exposing my arms is, I’m fooling no one, even under a jumper everyone knows they’re there.

  2. James

    Some grammatical cock ups in there. Wrote that on a bus in a particularly bumpy part of town- you do what you can.

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