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Inflexible feculence

I am 100% politically correct. The other day I streamed Jurassic World with Hindi subtitles. I frequently help my missus out and iron a couple of my own shirts. And If a homosexualist was a bit backed up, it wouldn’t bother me to masturbate his knob to issue. Assuming I could wear a boxing glove.

I do however, draw the line at wearing clothes with swear words on. I mean, hey, I get that hipster teachers can say ‘wanker’ and ‘bastard’ to ingratiate themselves with an unruly class. But really, Palace Skateboards, what contribution to society is this T-shirt making? What does Tuff Shit even mean?


Does it mean the wearer is both robust and objectionable? Does it suggest that the wearer is currently experiencing bowel trouble?


Come on guys, I’m as street as the next man, but you’ve even spelt ‘tough’ wrong. What kind of example is that for the youth of today?

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