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I find myself wanting T-shirts with big things on

You know, like big, bold, simple graphic shapes – nothing twiddly. I like the three options in this post. But even being grilled alive by mother sun, I’d still wear a light jacket over them. You see, I don’t want people to see the full image. I like the idea that the bold shape would be semi-concealed by the edges of a jacket. I reason that, unable to make out the full picture, viewers will imbue on it an air of mystery and be forced to conclude that my garment is almost certainly horrifyingly obscure, expensive and consequently cool. And then I’ll win. I’ll be hot as balls. But I’ll win summer. You get that I’m a cock right?

ts.002This bad boy is from Blue Blue Japan. It appears to have some gauze or something sewn on the front. A washing nightmare I’m sure, but it looks pretty strong running over the pocket like that.


These are by Okura, Blue Blue Japan’s store, so you know that shit’s all up in the indigo dye and all that.


Finally, this beast is closer to home over at Goodhood in East London, but it originates in Oz. It’s by Perks and Mini and is clearly all about promoting global peace and so forth. I expect it’ll be successful. Governments of the world take note. I’ve racked my brains and I can’t think of a more effective route to the quelling of terrorism, inequality and capitalistic greed than a niche Australian T-shirt that costs 58 quid.

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