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Feel it with your eyes

In a very literal sense, this is a grey cardigan. Look at it. I’m guessing it probably inspires neither a limpid stare of tranquility nor a frotting sexualised agitation. It’s just a grey cardigan. You can’t expect an emotional Krakatoa from a grey cardigan. Or can you?

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No you can’t. I mean, it’s turbo nice. But at the end of the day, it’s grey, it’s a cardigan. But even keeping that quite actual selection of facts in mind, if I was going to buy a grey cardigan, it’d be this bad boy right here.


The Joe McCoy brand is a slice of old school Americana, that’s now being re-manufactured over in Japan. It’s all about the quality. Feel the weight of that hefty cotton sweatshirting. Feel it with your eyes. I’m all about that square, boxy shape and most of all, the high fastening. It’s a brilliant ‘non-basic basic’, in the truest sense of that stupid term I just made up.

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