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It’s down to the huggability

This XXBC sweat comes direct from Opening Ceremony in NYC. And apparently, it’s inspired by “construction workers.” Don’t see it myself. I haven’t clocked many Peckham hardhats rocking a nail gun in grey ‘n’ pink jersey-wear. Perhaps it’s a New York thing.

117758_2 The label is by Alex Lee and Will Thompson – a couple of OC employees. “Because this collection is so huggable“, Opening Ceremony says, “OC is the exclusive seller.” Which is entirely believable. But just to be clear, the fact that OC is the only stockist, is down to the huggability of this sweatshirt, not in any way due to the fact that the makers of it work for the company. sweat.001 Anyways… I know, I know, it does look a bit ‘farshon’. And teamed with the shorts and the hi-tops we are fully in the realm of the homoerotic teddy bear. But taken on it’s own, I reckon that sweat would kill. Stick it with some simple combats and a pair of clean Buddy or Eytys sneaks and that’s a look right there. The look of a confident, modern construction worker just going about his day.

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