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People will try to steal it to eat it

I could probably eat this bag. If it was served with a dressed rocket salad and a baked potato. I don’t think it was necessarily designed to be edible, but if it was in front of me right now, and I had a tall strawberry milkshake and a set of strong cutlery, I’d have a go.

Or, I’d just carry it around. And just live with the fact that people will try to steal it to eat it. Come on. It does look delicious.

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I’m a big fan of The Superior Labor. They make killer bucket hats – kind of floppy, Japanese style. They’ve also dropped a couple of hefty bags over at The Bureau. “I really liked it”, my girl said, “until I saw the big branding on one side.” She’s got a point. It’s not for everyone. I’m precariously on the fence. On the one hand, it’s massive branding – which I don’t usually fuck with. On the other, it’s The Superior Labor, what average bro has even heard of them?

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Either way, there’s two styles pimped from natural canvas and Nume leather. For the boffins, Nume leather is tanned with a plant extract called Tannin and its surface is left natural without any extra processing. The tanning take a month and results in a particularly beautiful finish and one that’s extremely durable. I guess that’s why we’re in the 300 – 400 quid region for these things. That’s reasonable for a good bag. But a bit much for dinner.

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