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A large nude women on a chaise longue

I’m not mad on deploying the frankenword ‘coatigan’, but there you go, there it is and there this is. It’s as long as a coat, but as ethereal as a cardie. It’s got a bunch of pockets like a coat, but no collar like a… you get the idea. Cool isn’t it? Although I’m not sure about the styling in the above pic. Bro looks like a cartoon train driver.


It’s from Takuji Suzuki’s brand, ts(s) and apparently, they are all about ‘unpredictableness with dignity‘. I guess it’s pretty unpredictable to dress like Thomas the Tank Engine’s mate. And theoretically, being a railwayman should be considered a profession of dignity. Were it not for the fact that the trains from London Bridge to Peckham Rye keep getting cancelled due to the driver not turning up, I’d feel more supportive of this vibe. And yes, before you ask, the steam-powered hat’s by ts(s) too. Anyway, back to the cardie-coat…

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It’s in unlined (55% cotton/ 45% linen) chambray, with a couple of large patch pockets (one featuring an extra button pocket inside) a chest pocket, a rear vent and cuffs with notches in. At 440 quids, it’s a bit of an ask. But I do dig hard on the artistic, painterly vibe this thing puts out. I’d forget the day-return headwear. Personally, I’d accessorise with a beret, an etch-a-sketch and a large nude women on a chaise longue.

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