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Cambridge Online Dictionary makes an ass of itself

This coat reconfigures the meaning of the very word ‘coat’. According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, a coat is, “an outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth.” It’s a definition that, if you glance once more at the above, I’m sure you’ll agree is laughably inefficient. I mean yes, this is an ‘outer piece of clothing’, it does have ‘sleeves’ and one might, I suppose, wear this ‘over other clothes’ for ‘warmth’. But clearly, in all other regards, the Cambridge Online Dictionary is making an ass of itself trying to categorise this as merely a ‘coat.’

11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_1 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_m3

Firstly I should say, if you’ve never owned a coat by Mackintosh, own one immediately. I’m not talking about a style of coat that you’d call a mac, I’m talking about the brand Mackintosh. Hunt around the sales. Go to factory shops. Just get one. My Mackintosh is the best coat I have ever owned. Period.

11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_2 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_7 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_6

Anyways, back to the shameless disruption of sartorial definitioning that is this. US brand Band of Outsiders have colab’d with the Scottish firm to bring the inside details outside (probably in the name of some statement I’m too dumb to understand) and created a savagely confident coat, that only the hardest of hardcore menswear fans will ever own. More likely it’ll end up on the back of a privileged dongpiece who just last week was waving his stacks at some toilet like Hood By Air.

11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_3 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_5 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_4 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_8 11-03-2015_mackintoshxbandofoutsiders_belttrimlongmacautumn_jm_m2

Either way, the chunky zipper, the trimmed seams and the audacity of the external makers badge make this mad-noteworthy for the few who’d really appreciate it. And speaking of the ‘stacks’. How does 939 coins for an inside out coat grab you? Yeah, you read that right. Doesn’t look quite as cool now right?

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