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I’m still going home to watch Death In Paradise

I know nothing about ‘sneakers’. I don’t know whether I’m supposed to like these or not? I mean, I think I like them? But they’re by Clarks? But they look like sneakers? And End sell them? But then End sell Fred Perry?

16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_1_dl 16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_6_dl

I think these would look pretty fire with some rolled up loose chinos, an SNS Herning rollneck and an expression that says, “I don’t care how many times you tell me Breaking Bad is the best thing ever, I’m still going home to watch Death In Paradise.”

16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_2_dl 16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_5_dl 16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_4_dl 16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_3_dl

In the words of retailer End, these have, “a contemporary, technical silhouette“, which is probably mandatory if you’re a modernist shadow puppeteer. They also feature a “Trigenic Vibram Sole Unit”. What the diddly-fuck that is, is up to you to research. I read that and just think ‘science shoes.’ My specialist analysis extends to, ‘the sole is sort of white’. Use that intel as you will.

16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_9_dl 16-01-2015_clarks_originalstrigenicflex_trufflenubuck_8_dl

119 coins will safely deposit these on your shoe rack. Where you can look at them. And then never wear them. Cos, Clarks are like, all sorts of struggle. No?

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