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The most perfect jeans on the planet right now?

See how this post is titled, ‘The most perfect jeans on the planet right now?’ I only made a question of it to sound provocative. I do think these are the most perfect jeans on the planet right now. Look at the cut. These are the jeans worn by hunched, 60 year old blokes, with snowy hair, carrying shopping home for their infirm wife. These are jeans worn by men who re-stock the vegetables outside convenience stores. These are jeans worn by giant-assed American mums. These are jeans worn by people who don’t care about style.

Only they’re not. They’re by Johnbull co.,ltd. They’re Japanese. And they cost 205 quid.

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Sure they look mega-90s. And if you’re still into trim fitting jeans, I’d be surprised if you’ve even read this far. But if you are and you have, REALISE… skinny, slim, whatever you want to call them, are a spent force. They have not been a statement of high style for some time. These jeans, right here, are where you need to be. Baggy and rolled up. Perfect for any hypothetical bro who has a waffly menswear blog, hangs out in Peckham and wants to pretend he’s younger than he is.

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They are a cotton and linen mix denim and termed ‘anti–fit’. Which I guess is shorthand for, ‘those fat ass jeans binmen wear.’ They have a pretty staunch taper, a button fly, two curved slant pockets at the front, a pair of back pockets and a rear clinch.

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So like, you know, buy them. Unless you’re a browbeaten, 60 year old, who spends his days emptying his wife’s bedpan and pretending to enjoy A Place In The Sun. In which case your wardrobe’s probably full of these already.


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