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Counterfeit fuccboi

I don’t roll with the whole goth-ninja, black-on-black-on-black thing. It’s like an Eyes Wide Shut secret society in Peckham Rye on a Friday night. I’ve yet to see anyone publicly bummed over table, but it’s only a matter of time. The look is textbook style paradox. Style’s about individualism? So let’s all dress the same – a  slavish me-too-ism of ‘rad’ kicks, black leggings, oversized black sweats and coats.

That said, I do find myself drawn to the stark black and white prints. Simple geometric type forms, logos and the like, you know, the NYC, fuccboi steezscape, of Hood By Air et al. I’m never gonna swag that all-black nonsense though. But get all bold appliqué up in a simple navy sweat and you’ve got my attention.

IMG_8959_1024x1024 IMG_8961_1024x1024

I feels like a bro could rock this Lfant sweat with an all-over navy rig-out and kick the bold geometric thing into a place of taste and refinement. I’m thinking navy EG overcoat, navy Superior Labor bucket hat… Peeps be like, “whaaaaaat!” And I be like, “whaaaaaat!” It’s not white and black. It’s white and navy. It’s like, a whole different colour and shit.

IMG_8965_1024x1024 IMG_8960_1024x1024

Grab it over at The Content Store for just 80 coins. Which isn’t a lot, considering you’re effectively defining a new paradigm for menswear.

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