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An eco-friendly bumming

The Superfluous Culture don’t make it easy for themselves. What’s with all the dinky product pictures on their site? Why would you drop a bunch of Canada quids on a jacket you can hardly see? Even if you click through, the pics are mad-puny.

I mean, I get the brand’s all about, ‘eco-friendly sourcing‘ and double into, ‘the health of our planet‘, but seriously… Surely they don’t think they’d be squandering internet by having a decent sized pic? Superfluous bros, you get that your site can have a Flash zoom without the unethical use of infant chimmy sweeps right?


I kind of like this. If you’re currently considering a career move into the religious deity space, this is the thing to get potential worshippers prostrate at your Grensons.

It’s basically a trench coat in 10oz denim, with a hand woven rug bit woven in. There’s a couple of large pockets for your religious manifestos and nice navy buttons. Oh, and a back vent. Presumably to enable a quick getaway, when your flock finally realise you only want to fleece their savings and administer an eco-friendly bumming.

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