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Danishland garms for the pauperized

What’s with this guy’s miserable ass? Look at him. Hasn’t he got anything better to do than sit around in ‘art spaces’ looking double-miz-miz? And what’s he trying to camo-himself from? Grannies tutting at modern art? Is he into the gift shop for six large and can’t pay?

He’s actually ‘selling’ the Eat Dust range. I guess he’s just an older Dutch bro with magnificent hair. He should perk the fuck up. The Eat Dust range works okay, and at the price points, even an H&M tier bro could step up.


You can see the Eat Dust signature above – the stitching on the pocket. It crops up frequently on their denim, blazers and gillets. I don’t hate it. I mean, it’s alright. I’m not, like, in love with it or anything. I don’t want to marry it. But, you know it’s fine. What do you mean why am I talking about it then? I’m just saying it’s okay, it’s fine, it’s good? Okay? Jesus. What do you want me to do? Draw a fucking picture of it?


Are we good now?

22131 22130 22137 ed

They’ve got a few nice details going on and I think the brand is defo worth a gander if you’re not familiar. You can see bits of the range here in the UK. Or check out the lot over in Danishland here. I think if I was going to drop on Eat Dust, I might roll with this…


Yes, it is the piece I did a picture of. I always draw pictures of clothes I want to buy. What do you mean you don’t?

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