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A book of fairy stories

I suppose the question is, am I looking over a school wall? And I suppose the answer is, yes I am. I’m looking over a school wall. A SCHOOL WALL! I just wanted a way to show off the back of my jacket. I was with my boo, yo. Who do you think took the snap? Jesus, it feels wrong to even look in the direction of a school these days? Perhaps it doesn’t help that I’m dressed like the Pied Piper.


My patchwork, Tigre Brocante cardigany/jackety thing is a relatively new addition. Aiming for a fairytale, children stealer vibe wasn’t top of mind when I bought it. But, in truth, it’d probably work pretty well with some leggings, jester shoes and a flute.  Naturally, what I’m really going for is more of a, ‘bro who clearly knows his imported kit, is really smart and hilarious company too’, look. You be the judge.


I will say, once more, the bros over at Blue Button Shop in Toronto provided grade-A service. I originally ordered a medium, it was a tad snug, I sent it back and I got the new size in just a couple of days. Toronto’s in that there Canada right? Either way, it might as well have been coming from Birmingham it was so quick. If you’re on the fence about long-distance ordering, as always, BBS has my highest recommendation.


It’s bold, no question. But for fans of Japanese indigo cloth its a fucking cheese board. You know, like, cos of the variety. Or a box of chocolates, with loads of different centres. Or a book of fairy stories… Oh shit you, you fucking tit piece, the school wasn’t even open.

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