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The bearded Raptor of Bath


News reaches me that one of my brahs has been busting a new Nanamica blazer for the first time today. He’s been stalking the Roman alleyways of Bath in a SS14 stripy number. Nonchalant, like copping premo Japanese is just one of the tings he do. And it is. And I’m trying to be cool with it. But I’m savage jel. My beardy baby is rocking the shitness. I’ve been out-jacketed.

I feel like that hunter guy out of Jurassic Park, when the Raptors outflank him. There’s a moment of respect, before they pull his bum inside out. My brah’s just eaten my ass.

The only thing to do is move forward. There’ll be other jackets, other days… Here’s Nanamica’s AW14 lookbook – get your mind around it and your wallet greased.


Peacoats, stripy rollnecks, baggy trousers – all on point for a wise Autumnal outlook.

NanaL_6  NanaL_5 NanaL_4

Liking the multi-tone varsity and the shawl collar jacket (above, middle right). The quilting, as I’ve said on these pages before, feels a little stale for a London audience – blame pointy-shoed, city-dudes and their obsession with cheapening Barbour brand values.


The wide legs on the left look skills. And as usual, the luggage is maddeningly tasteful and of rare quality.


I guess the above left shot is my go-to out of this batch. And weirdly, I notice the  shirt hanging out first – often shirts worn out can look too long, puffy and just wrong. This one looks like it’s rocking a straight hem and seems the perfect length. The varied tones on the blazer look strong too.

Nanamica is one of those brands that doesn’t scream from images, you need to see it yourself. The finishing, the cloth and the make up of the garments, particularly on the jackets, really does seem next level. Check out the sale remnants here and head back when the new kit drops in a few weeks. Until then, I’m just gonna keep my mind right in South East London and stay away from the West Country – the last thing I need is a style-off with the bearded Raptor of Bath.

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